Paper straw making machine with auto paper splicing system
Paper straw making machine with auto paper splicing system

Item specifics

prouduction rate
product size
raw material
60gsm, 120gsm paper



Machine main features
1.CNC cutting body structure, stable ,strong and small vibration.
2.PLC human-machine operation interface, more convenient.
3.Paper stand, glue temperature control, feeding amount control. 
4.Spiral winding part, specialized operation system, belt tension device(hand-wheel driven) .
5.The outside paper is single side glued, middle layer paper is double face glued, the inside paper without glue.
6.8 knives system on-line cutting unit controlled by encoder, Schneider servo motor controlled the knives cutting down , and the knives rolling cut.
7.Automatic stop when the paper break.
8. Glue tank constant temp control system, guarantee glue stability. 
Machine details

Tension control and non-stop paper splicing system,reduce labour monitoring cost, improvde production capacity.

304 stainless steel body, prevent glue corrosion, meet high grade requirement. 

5 sets servo motors, and each servo work with planetary reducer and the inverter. All of them Schneider brand, make the aftersales convient, and the quality is guaranteed. 

Machine technical parameters
Main parts
Machine working video